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Having the chance to work as a graphic designer on the in-house creative team for the world-renowned, 125-year-old apparel company Filson has been amazing and challenging. Filson got its start in 1897 outfitting the prospectors that landed in Seattle on their way up to the Klondike Gold Rush, and has been highly regarded as a top outdoor clothing company ever since. Such vast and rich history deserves to be preserved and protected, and that is the main goal of the Filson creative team.

I've had the honor of working with some of the best photographers, writers, and designers in the industry, and have learned so much from my two years here. My main responsibilities have been designing emails, social assets, and website updates to ensure the best experience from our customers. Most recently, I've worked on many cross-channel projects for various campaigns, including leading art direction and developing concepts for our semi-annual sale (Summer 2022), and a dry bag-focused initiative to sell the bags in a fresh new way. I also had the opportunity to flex my illustration skills and draw the labels for our upcoming 125th Anniversary beer—the Maritime Gose and Gold Rush IPA—both of which tell the stories of two big parts of Filson's history.

One of the copywriters on my team and I developed a new 'In the Wild' series that allows for our emails, website, and social posts to not only accomplish their main purpose (to sell product), but also simultaneously tell the stories of the real men and women we photograph wearing that product. This way, we can be more authentic and relatable to our customers, and true to the Filson brand.

While I'm mainly a graphic designer, I'm also very process driven and always looking for ways to make my and my team's work more efficient. Within my first year at Filson, I developed templates for building our emails and their briefing system using components and styling in Figma. This combined our various processes across the creative, marketing, and E-commerce teams into one place where everyone can review, provide feedback, and make edits. The templates also reduced errors and greatly increased the speed of work, all while making sure design standards, spacing, color, etc. all stay consistent across our email program.

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