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lease crutcher lewis

I was hired by Lease Crutcher Lewis on contract as a Marketing Coordinator to help their in-house marketing team during the busy holiday season. Lewis is a large construction company in Seattle that has built a lot of high-profile buildings around the city.


During my time with Lewis, I helped with many tasks that included helping plan and design collateral for their company holiday party, organized and kept track of the client gift program (wrapping over 240 wine bottles!), running Lewis Wear - their branded apparel and merchandise, and even leading a small interior design project for the office.

I became the in-house designer for Lewis' small but mighty team of marketers, redesigning and refining a lot of their marketing materials. I also used my creative powers to solve a few problems around the office, including the catalog shown below. Before the visuals the catalog provided, employees ordered branded merchandise using only a simple Excel sheet that listed the product names.

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